26 February 2015

Late Summer quail

Did anyone else wake up to eight surprise quail chicks today?  I did.  Two were a bit slow hatching out, by which time Mum, Mum, Dad, Dad and Dad (it's a real family affair) had departed.  They were most unwelcoming when I tried to introduce the two to the clutch, and after witnessing a little unnecessary rough-housing the slow two are getting on their feet with the help of a box and lamp in my sewing room where I can keep an eye on them.  Tiny. Helpless. Adorable.

19 February 2015

Cat Face

Mini Rodini's charming 'cat face dress'.  I bought it from here late last year for
Audrey's recent birthday.  It's been another very catty affair.  All her friends somehow know
she loves kitty cats.

Wonder how long the fascination will last?

15 February 2015

Yumi Zouma

Currently listening to this on repeat.  Perfect.