27 September 2014

Pesky furry legs

interfering with patternmaking.  Prior to this she was batting the scissor blades as I was cutting.  Cute though painfully unaware of consequences.

21 September 2014


I left this blog a year and a half ago for tumblr and now, as you can see, here I am again.  What I found (no doubt long after many others) is that tumblr doesn't encourage an open dialogue between a blog author and a reader, and I realised (with surprise!) I actually missed that.

I'm not sure who is even reading this blog anymore (apart from my mother) but I'll keep writing here.  Do say hi if you are visiting.

I have a bit to tell, having spent the past few months working on new, and rejigging existing, womenswear patterns.  The childrenswear side of things is in a state of flux; I'm unsure whether to carry on with it, or finish up though no doubt that will become clearer as I focus on womenswear.

So if you are here, reading this, thankyou for stopping by.  I hope to see you again soon!

9 September 2014

5 & 8


Big dang. They're 5 and 8 now, how'd this happen?