24 October 2014

Woolly weather

Is this another month edging to a close?  I've been busy sewing merino wool pants for lovely babies around the world, and nursing my broken-legged husband.  The one upside of this situation is that I can hear him coming now - 'click click click' go the crutches - no sneaking up on me for a few more weeks.

We're also bearing the crazy October weather; rain here and sun just down the road, a fine cotton tshirt at 3pm, woollens and slippers by 4pm.  Today though is an all woollens day.  Good for sewing and listening to Tony Bennett and Fawlty Towers audio CDs.  John Cleese, yes!

14 October 2014

Leila Jeffreys

Yes again, such is my admiration for this photographer.  Birds are my all-time favourite animal, and birds are Leila's focus.  I just stumbled across this August interview which talks about her latest exhibition Prey.

12 October 2014

A beautiful sofa

I'm still besotted with the Ruche sofa by Ligne Roset.  Pity it carries an eye-watering pricetag...

This new dusky coral pink with natural legs is beautiful.  We are looking for 1 or 2 new sofas to replace a sink-into messy looking thing which provides zero back support and I've found it's really difficult to find one that does offer support.  Sofa backs these days are so low to the point of useless.  The Ruche is not only beautiful but provides excellent support, and the stitching creates plays of light on the velvet fabric.  Hmm, time to save up…?

P.S.  How they make one...