2 July 2015

Wool cashmere & Liberty baby jacket

A simple, collar-less baby jacket for our new baby cousin Mia.   The outer is a beautiful wool cashmere in camel, and the interior is a soft Liberty wool floral, pink on cream.

29 June 2015

Budgie bum

They're three weeks old now, and busy growing beautiful snowy white plumage.  Lucy called hers Snowflake and Audrey chose Snowball.  I know, you never would've guessed those names for white budgies born in winter.

27 June 2015

The Coat Route

"As functional, even lifesaving, as buttons may have been, they also quickly became both status symbols for the elite and an important new medium for artisans.  Working in everything from bone to enamel and precious gems, members of button guilds turned out stunning miniature works of art.  The finest buttons were reserved for the aristocracy.  Sumptuary laws, which placed limits on who could spend and wear what, were enacted in order to protect guild members and to keep people from dressing above their station.  Officials were allowed to search people's homes and arrest offenders who were in possession of the outlawed buttons."

This book is following me everywhere right now - from bed to kitchen table to side chair in the winter sun (though rarely do I get a chance to read between the hours of 7.30am-7.30pm).  When the author learned of a bespoke coat costing $50,000 she felt compelled to explore its origins (the book's own synopsis says it best, there's little point in me attempting).  And you don't need a sewing bone in your body to thoroughly enjoy reading it.  The history of horn buttons (which made me think twice), the conditions of workers in Victorian factories, there is so much to learn and I recommend it highly.